Things that stress me

Bullies. They dished unkind words, served at the worst moment,

with a garnish of complaints, like I need to be reminded

that the universe doesn’t care.

I care. My friends care. That’s all I care about.

There are many people who would complain or maybe

whine. They are everywhere, in your house unless

you’re lucky enough. I hope to solve these problems of mine someday.


Too many challenges and the personal interests:

My dystopian future novel for teenagers,

and things that are just for fun.


Interruption So many things to say,

so few who will listen

really listen,

to a sentence that might last longer than my last breath.


Feeling left out,

excluded, like I don’t belong anywhere.

Exclusion that wraps around me,

like a warm blanket, that makes me dream of independence.

Do others feel the same?

Can I have a friend like me, and still be independent?


Sharing a poem is sharing a feeling.

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