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Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel coverage of S2U speaking event

“The presentation Pardeep and Arno did at my school was fabulous.  They spent about an hour talking with my entire student body about things like tolerance, hate and its dangers, how small acts of kindness can go a long way, and forgiveness. The message was very well received, and students are still talking about what they heard months later.”

– Christopher E. Haeger, Principal, Cudahy High School

Serve2Unite keynotes and workshops illustrate the concept of Chardi Kala…

…the Sikh practice of fearless gratitude and relentless optimism in the face of adversity, with captivating storytelling and intense discussion. The experiences of a former violent extremist intertwined with those of a survivor of violent extremism reveal a very practical guide to cultivate a more peaceful life.

S2U Educators Session

Arno and Par share the experience of being bullied, being a bully, and years of working with at-risk students.

  • A cultivation, or seeding approach to living and teaching is explored. While our efforts to reach students may not show immediate results, patience and fearless compassion can increase the odds that values and identities change.
  • Leveraging current and past S2U Student Projects, the arts are explored as a means of addressing personal and social issues. Struggling students can reveal the way to progress by expressing themselves with fearless creativity.
Cultural Agility

Arno and Par share experiences of racism, xenophobia, and exclusion from perspectives of perpetrator and victim, in the process of revealing the great value in appreciating other cultures and ethnicities. Participants are inspired to seek and value unfamiliar cultures, which helps to build a foundation of curiosity that can ultimately lead to happiness and success in life.

Honorable Competition

Your opponent is co-creator. Win or lose. Close match or blowout. The experience was because of all involved. Gratitude for this collaborative gift seals genuine value of competition and empowers excellence.

Hurt People Hurt People

Exploring the nature of suffering and how people have a tendency to want to make others suffer when they suffer. Have each participant write/tell about a time when they said or did something hurtful to someone else and then explore the context of that incident until the source of the suffering that prompted the hurtful act is revealed. Sometimes that source will be obvious, sometimes deeply hidden.

Kindness Practice in the Workplace

Practicing kindness in the workplace can lead to happier, more productive employees. When kindness is part of the organizational culture, employees are more inclined to view their jobs as healthy challenges rather than chores. Ongoing kindness practice empowers excellence in customer service, and has the capacity to transform dissatisfied customers into zealous advocates of the company.

Kindness Practice in the Classroom

Practicing kindness in the classroom can lead to happier, more successful students and educators. When kindness is part of the school culture, students and educators are more inclined to view their respective jobs as healthy challenges rather than chores. Ongoing kindness practice empowers excellence in student-teacher and student-student relationships, and has the capacity to transform dissatisfied individuals into zealous advocates of the school.

Generosity Practice

Being generous with things other than money and material (which we should be generous with too). Being generous with time and space while driving/walking/pedaling. Being generous with our ears—listening. Being generous with the benefit of the doubt. Not concocting bad intentions of others when we really don’t know their intentions.

· Participants of this experience are challenged to explore their own narratives with open honesty, and engage with our common humanity, building a foundation for happiness and success.

· Themes of kindness, courage, forgiveness, and personal responsibility are illuminated.

· Customized to fit your organizational theme or to address any issue.

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