Dear Serve 2 Unite,

When Serve 2 Unite first came I wasn’t interested. I figured I would leave it to the obvious choices, the people that always did it and did best. But then my friend made me.

We first started with a stop motion animation idea but, soon we found that impossible. We switched to video making a comedy on bullying. Then we decided it was a serious film. While making, filming and editing we searched for songs. Me and my partner went through many different songs with different opinions and preferences. Even if we had different opinions we came together and decided this project brought us together as friends.

Me and my partner are very proud of our project, how much work it took and ourselves. The project told me that I could do things like this also and not just sit back. The project also inspired me to start to make more films whether they be short or long with meaning or pure comedy. Serve 2 Unte helped me see I could do it.

Thank you,


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