On July 22nd, 2011, a far-right extremist set a bomb in Oslo, Norway, killing 8 people. He then drove to a Labor Party youth camp on Utøya Island and murdered 69 more, most of whom were teenagers.

Bjørn Ihler was a 19 year-old counselor at the camp. He survived 90 minutes of horror that day, saving the lives of 2 young children. Today he is an internationally renowned peace activist, and Serve 2 Unite Global Mentor, sharing his wisdom and experience with our students.

In this video, Nathan, a 7th grader at Fernwood Montessori, ask Bjorn how he could not want to hurt the man who committed the atrocity.

Dedicated to the launch of the #BeTheBridge initiative, a movement of compassion and understanding to bring all humans together to celebrate our differences rather than be intimidated by them.

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