S2U and True Skool Raptivist Jene the Jene created the S2U anthem “Be Smoov” with help and inspiration from all 500+ S2U Peacemakers in Milwaukee Wisconsin and around the world.

you gotta be smoov
slowly moving on our visions
we never take a day off we about our business
we trynna make this a better place for kids to live in
we making music thats not abusing whoever’s listening

anitviolence flow but my punchlines vary
rappers leave me less convinced then the blind saying bloody marry
with the lights off three times in a mirror
wipe it down with windex the message couldn’t be any clearer
now with my index and the finger right near it
theres this thing called peace and alot of people fear it
like that thing called beef that ain’t allowed to come near
it if it does I guarantee that we can SERVE TO UNITE
don’t fight take flight like birds in the sky
I take alot of risks because it doesn’t hurt to try
obviously im focused using both eyes
vision 20/20/20 cause the third is disguised
call me mr.jenethejene if you ain’t heard im the guy
all jokes aside, we in the same struggle trapped in the same bubble but still causing trouble
an eye for an eye and nobody recovers
unless you do right so everybody’s your brother
from another mother since the father was time
your sisters and your brothers are your partners in crime
we all sisters and brothers if you thinking systematically
we all raising each other in one way or another


the youth are the root of our solution
Praise them raise them amazing
Product of environment I am the result
Of a generation drift off is it my fault
I ain’t getting pissed off cuz I ain’t have a choice as a child
But now I have the voice to empower
The future’s in our hands the sand in the hourglass passes
Used to skip class now I’m teaching to the masses
Peeking thru your glasses I see where you coming from
You either riding on the bus or getting thrown under one
As quick as lightning but wait until the thunder comes
Cold hearted souls so imagine when the summer sun
Beams thru the clouds and hits them in their chest
They’ll notice how every move they make has an effect
We care about your past but More about what’s next
you could be a global mentor for kids in Quebec
Or meet a global mentor that lived in Quebec
Give your respect for his intellect
If you’re practicing hate well now the time to stop it
Knowledge is the power so acknowledge I’m the Prophet
We all can learn a little if we take the time to listen
Serve to unite on a worldwide mission


The only thing that’s missing is
Faith and dedication
The absence of those got the whole world waiting
The only thing I ask is for y’all to be patient
Trust me imma dr that always tends to his patience
They got you brainwashed
The radio’s the problem
It got you thinkn that sex and drugs is the only answer
my counter argument action for distractions
Ima empower the people with my activism rapping
be smoov show and prove put your city on the map
they’ll try to break down but don’t fall into the trap
serve to unite three words that might change the world over night
yeah we gotta make it right.


Huge love and gratitude to all of our partner orgs that helped make this happen!

Against Violent Extremism

Bridge Project Milwaukee

Building Bridges for Peace

Over My Shoulder Foundation

Running Rebels

The Forgiveness Project

True Skool

Summer of Peace 365

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