Author La Tonya Matlock is a junior at NOVA High School in Milwaukee where she is active in Film Club, Audacious Young Poets, and Youth in Government. She is passionate about educating young people and plans to dedicate her life to teaching.

Race, a race to the top of the race chain.

For so long we hear whites have won this game,

but they are far from victory.

We’re all in the same boat trying to get to the promise land.

The government has been shaking and rocking

this boat knocking other races off,

but they’ve been holding on like an anchor.

We are told we have freedom but we still feel

trapped in a one-race neighborhood.

We have white neighborhoods, black neighborhoods,

even Latino neighborhoods.

Never have we seen a multi raced neighborhood

where kids play with every color of the world.

Most of the rich are white, obtaining more money

than all the poor kids who are homeless.

Never reaching out a hand, letting them fall off the boat and drown,

never to reach that promise land.

Skin color determining who we are long before we are born.

Individuality doesn’t play a role in our society.

Sharing characteristics of another person of our race.

Our skin holds the burden of another’s mistakes in life.

Labeled as one even when we aren’t united.

Brutally murdered because of what someone of our race has done.

Picking each other off one by one.

Throwing each other over board.

Judging god’s creation even though

we say we appreciate his work and power.

Money screams in God we trust, yet we don’t trust God’s races.

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