View of Life

“I think Søren’s life was affected from the things in the world around him. As an adolescent, Søren was raised in a non-violent environment. I mean he wasn’t even allowed to watch Tom&Jerry because his parents felt that violence is never the key. I feel Søren has done bad things to his community trying to find a way in life, but everyone is human and no one is perfect, and that’s why he took a new path in life.  He works in gang intervention in Denmark and likes to help children, ex-cons, felons, the whole nine yards!

I feel as if Søren was influenced more than something he chose. It was clear he felt alone before he made a change for the better.”

—Hezekiah, S2U Escuela Verde

Søren Lerche is a Former violent anarchist who has since renounced violence and now works as a social educator and Director of Fryshuset Denmark, specializing in gang intervention and prevention.


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