Peace to me is keeping everybody together like a family, without violence.

Peace is moment by moment. There is not a possibility of lifetime peace, but there is a possibility of momentary peace.

Peace is without any problem or situation, without any race by color and everybody is equal.

Peace to me means quiet. Or it means respect for others and non-violent.

Peace to me is everyone together holding hands in joy. Peace is when no one has to worry about getting hurt. Peace is everyone in the world safe. Peace is the world becoming a better place.

Peace to me means everybody coming together, all shapes, sizes, and colors. Peace means not labeling people without getting to know them first.

Peace is when everyone stays calm. Peace is when we all help stop hate.

Peace is love. Peace is joy. Peace is when people work in perfect harmony.

Peace is when you can walk down the street and don’t have to worry about getting shot or having your life end at a young age. Peace is something you have to make in Milwaukee.

Peace is letting people know that we need to respect each other, and come together to make a world.

….and sometimes

Peace to me is being alone


…a collaborative effort by Malik, Sabrina, Anisa, Jayden, Anika, Nadriah, Andre, Erick, Yinlee, LaRon, and Justice


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