By Maddy

For this semester, we focused in on a topic we felt strongly about. We explored and ‘concentrated’ on a central theme or thesis that we created ourselves.

So, when I was told I needed to create art around a thesis, I freaked out. The thesis had to be something that was important to me and something I either absolutely hated or totally loved. The central idea of my concentration is the negative effects society has on young women today.

As a teenager, growing up in this generation, things get rough when there are so many standards and expectations to meet all the time, especially for girls. Feeling the need to be perfect all the time brings a lot of stress and in the end, a lot of disappointment. I believe that many women and young girls can relate to my feelings because, in one way or another, society has affected and distorted our image of ourselves and the way we live.

The thesis was the easy part. I felt strongly on the subject and it would be something that I could work with. I thought wrong. I never was one of the artists that would get stuck on pieces, but that changed for me throughout concentration. I spent many days writing down words and feelings that relate to my thesis, but no art would come out of the studies.

Visual research of symbols of society helped me a lot throughout this semester. Some symbols that show up in my pieces are flowers, diamonds, jewelry, and dark colors. Flowers are representative of girls of all ages. Flowers are delicate and beautiful, but easily broken or manipulated. I also used a lot of material items (the diamonds and jewelry) that seem to be the most important thing in people’s lives nowadays.

By Maddy




Maddy is a student artist at Thomas More High School in Milwaukee.

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