Mubin Shaikh

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Mubin Shaikh was born and raised in Canada and spent his childhood years as an Army Cadet for 5 years. At 19, he became a supporter of the Jihad culture and travelled to Balochistan – the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan where he had a chance encounter with the Taliban in 1995. He was very active in the Muslim community on Muslims and the justice system for years until the 9/11 attacks, which prompted him to travel to Damascus and study Arabic and Islamic Studies. This proper study of Islam made him give up his extremist interpretations.

In addition to extensive travel in the Muslim world, Mubin spent 2 years in Syria and while there travelled to Jordan and then Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. After realizing that the Islamist dream was sham, he returned to Canada and became a “walk-in” for the Canadian Security Intelligence, where he was tasked to infiltrate radical groups. He was also polygraphed to ascertain his loyalty and went on to successfully perform various undercover operations until late 2005, when he traversed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in what is known as the “Toronto 18” homegrown terrorism case.

After the 5 year prosecution involving 4 legal hearings at the Superior Court of Ontario, Shaikh was responsible for the conviction of ELEVEN terrorists, three of whom are now serving life. The entire case with its evidence is available here:

He has since completed a Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (MPICT) through Macquarie University while testifying in one of several legal hearings, as well as competencies in Criminal Investigative Analysis and Criminal Intelligence Analysis and Management from the Toronto Police Service. Through the Canadian Psychological Association, he has completed work in assessing and treating extremists and terrorists and is considered by leading academic experts to be a primary source for the study of radicalization and homegrown terrorism. He has extensive contacts with military, intelligence and law enforcement in North America and Europe.

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