Jo Berry: An Expository Essay
By: Malcolm

Jo Berry is a human rights activist that was born in 1957.  Her father was killed by a bomb that was set by an IRA activist known as Pat Magee.  The two had met up around 2000, when he got out of jail, and created an organization dedicated to resolving conflict across the world.

In 1984, Jo Berry’s father, a respected politician, was murdered by Pat Magee.  When Jo’s father was murdered, she was in a state of misunderstanding.  She had wondered why someone would ever be compelled to do such a thing to another human being.  During this time, she had visited people who had been involved in the violence, and felt somewhat of an understanding towards them.On the date of 1999, on the Good Friday Agreement, Patrick Magee was released from prison.  When Jo Berry heard this, she wanted to meet Pat, and see his side of the story.  Finally, in 2000, they organized a rendezvous.  Pat had told her about how he had gotten involved in the struggles at the age of 19 after he saw a small Irish community get unfairly treated by the British.

Nowadays, Pat and Jo work together to spread peace and resolution of any kind of conflicts across the world.  Their organization is called Building Bridges for Peace and is recognized worldwide.  They travel to many conventions and tell other people about their story, letting them know that true forgiveness can always be achieved.
Jo Berry has dedicated her entire life to creating and spreading peace across the world.  When her father was murdered, she didn’t understand why someone would wish such a thing against another.  Her wish was finally granted when she met Pat, and he told her of the conflicts that took place in Ireland.  Now, the two are peace activists and strive to add harmony
to the world.

  1. How many people/representatives have you influenced in your travels?

  2. Have you ever encountered resistance to your cause? If so, where, when and how?

  3. How many supporters did Building Bridges for Peace have in its creation? How many does it have now
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