Before Serve 2 Unite

I was always a good boy and then when I reached the age of seven I heard about a gang in my neighborhood. I started claiming it, so my brothers laughed and said, “Do you wanna be in this gang?” I said, “Yeah.” So he told me to come with him in the basement and I saw three dudes. They taught me what I needed to know. Then I took all of that and memorized it. After that day I was claimed “the bad little boy”. I always beat up, threatened, and knocked out any little boy that was close to my age. When I came to be that person, my mom was really mad at me, but at the same time I was glad because I was standing up for myself – but I was also a gang member. Then I always had to fight with my mom to get her to understand why I was doing that, because it was just how I was – no one could change me but myself. I was in the gang for five years, painfully remembering me beating up little kids for no reason at all.


When I Began Serve 2 Unite

I was a mess until I joined Serve 2 Unite. I know I’m a great kid and I know I am because I care about everyone. I don’t care if you are my worst enemy, I will still help you no matter what. Everyone needs a second chance, right? But you never know, your worst enemy can be the person you say you hate the most, but can become a good friend. Since I joined Serve 2 Unite, everyone has come to me for help because anything they have a problem with, it’s guaranteed I have been in that kind of situation before. What I really want to say is, I had the worst enemy before. I fought him and knocked him out. It felt kind of good for a minute, but we came back to school and everybody made fun of him. I’m the only one that stood up for him. No one wanted to fight me, so I used all of that power to defend all of my friends that had my back from the beginning.

So I am thankful for being accepted into Serve 2 Unite because I know I’m a better person. I have people asking other teachers to pull me out of class to help with their problems.

Serve 2 Unite has made my life better because I’m a peacemaker, not a violence maker. I would like to change other kids’ lives the way Serve 2 Unite has changed mine.

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