I’m Dante and I am in a group called Serve 2 Unite. In Serve 2 Unite we talk about the bullying, violence, gun violence, and more. We go through a lot of gun violence, bullying, and gang violence in this city. I work with Orlando, Mrs. Koss, Brandon, Jaqueline, Joqita, Lashonn, Treyvon, Shawn, Donya, Angel, Arno, Pardeep, and more. Myself, and the first ten go to Westside Academy II and we all are in Serve 2 Unite; and I am going to talk to you about gun violence, gang violence, and bullying.

First of all, there is bullying and there are three kinds of them. First there are physical bullies. They hurt you with hands and feet rather than words. Then there are verbal bullies; they hurt you rather with words than hands and feet. They would say punk, alien, weird, or more. Last, but not least are the social bullies. They don’t hurt you with words or hands and feet, they just talk about parties that the kid they didn’t invite to right next to them or they move away from them when that person they don’t like sits next to them.

Now gun violence, that is one of the big reasons I want to do this. I’ve heard the media, Mayor Tom Barrett twice, Police Chief Ed Flynn, and a woman whose daughter was killed by gun violence, and these people who use guns should be in jail. There was a 3 year old boy who died because his dad left his gun lying around on his dresser, so the little boy took the gun and shot himself. Now his parents were charged with having a gun in a kid’s reach. These kids are mostly African-American males getting shot and killed because of gun violence, so we need to come united with the community to come together and stop this kind of violence.

Last is gang violence, and that is a major problem in our city. We have problems with gangs because there are people who people love that get involved with gang violence. They get involved in gang wars and get killed by these wars. I have heard speeches of gang violence and someone that is much loved is killed. There was a kid who used to go here a few years ago who got involved with gang violence. He fought this kid and that kid shot him 5 times, and he is now in a wheelchair. These people should stop this gang violence that affects our city of Milwaukee. Our city has the most ratings for suicides as well, so let’s come together and stop this violence and make Milwaukee a better city.

Let’s join together tell a friend it is not too late to stop this stuff. Serve 2 Unite wants to make this community a better place. This was Dante talking to you about improving our city. Let me say, if you want to see what Serve 2 Unite is doing, go to Serve2Unite.org to see what we do about improving our community. We like to talk about bullying, gun violence, gang violence, and more things. We want to stop this and make Milwaukee a good city and lower the suicide rate. We want a good city and what is with the human trafficking? Let’s arrest anyone you find doing human trafficking and help your fellow citizens.

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