Serve 2 Unite online magazine

Coming April 5th 2013!


Serve 2 Unite (S2U)

Arts @ Large (A@L)

Against Violent Extremism (AVE)

The Forgiveness Project (TFP)

Over My Shoulder Foundation (OMSF)

Mission: to make the practice of peace an attractive and valuable way of life to students, transforming school environments via fearless creativity and compassion, in interdependent partnership with local and global peace efforts.

Serve 2 Unite online magazine will feature transformational stories of Former violent extremists and Survivors of violent extremism from around the world via contributions from AVE, TFP, and FA, as well as contributions from OMSF and various individuals and organizations involved in promoting the study/practice of peace (compassion/kindness/forgiveness/diversity/inclusion). Students involved in S2U chapters at their schools will be introduced to these stories via the online magazine, and live presentations (in person and via Google+ telepresence) and then will be guided by A@L to creative responses of various art mediums/writing/poetry/music/dance/theater/etc. These student responses will then become content for the online magazine, and inspiration for the subject in their peace endeavors.

Other S2U/A@L chapter activities will also generate content for the magazine, which will then become collaboration seeds between S2U chapters and AVE/TFP/FA/various contributors, and that collaboration will generate content itself.

Please contact us with submissions and story ideas, and/or if your organization would like to become a partner in creating content and peace collaboration—we want to include you too!

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