Jo Berry (Joanna Cynthia Berry)

by Catherine October 21,2013

On October 12th 1984 Jo Berry’s father was killed in the IRA Brittan Bombing during the Conservative Party Conference. Sir Anthony Berry (Jo berry’s father) and four others were killed and others were injured. The one responsible for his death was Patrick Magee. Jo Berry decided instead of choosing revenge and anger she changed these feelings into passion for peace and now starts her journey for peace in her life.

In November, 2000 Jo Berry met Patrick Magee for the first time after her father’s death. Patrick Magee was released from jail because of the Good Friday agreement in 1999. Jo Berry and Patrick Magee first meeting was in 2000. Jo Berry was a bit nervous at first but also she wanted to see Patrick Magee not as her father’s murderer but as a normal human being. Patrick Magee was disarmed by the empathy that Jo Berry has given after he has killed her father. He expected seeing from her shouting, blaming and defending her position. At the end of their first meeting Patrick Magee said clearly to Jo Berry that he was sorry for killing her father.

Jo berry and Patrick Magee now start “Building Bridges for Peace” a non -profit organization promoting peace and conflict resolution throughout the world. Jo Berry first launched the organization “Building Bridges for Peace” in Brighton, England. Some of their topics of their mission to promote peace is:

  • to promote non violence as a viable response to violence, terrorism and war
  • to seek to understand fully the roots of violence and conflict
  • to raise awareness that non violence is a global movement
  • to establish ways to resolve conflict in which no-one is hurt


Question for Jo Berry

  1. How did you feel after your first meeting with Patrick Magee?
  2. How did your life change when you first met Patrick Magee?
  3. When did you have the idea of the organization “Building Bridges For Peace” and what was the date when it was launched?
  4. What were some influences that lead you to peace instead of revenge or anger?
  5. Where are some places that you went to promote peace?
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