So it all started at 2:00am this morning when I opened my eyes because I heard two people arguing in the front of my house. I thought it was nothing, so I was going to go back to sleep. About 20 seconds later, gun shots were lighting up my house, so I was wide-awake and on the couch. I sat up and a bullet flew past my head. It was about two inches away from killing me, so I got back down on the couch to take cover. My family was upstairs taking cover. When the bullets stopped firing, I got up thinking it was over. I ran upstairs to check on my family and saw that nobody got hit; they were all okay. I went back down stairs and I grabbed my brother’s baby. He is about four weeks old and I picked him up in my arms. I had him with both hands and leaned in to put my head on his chest to see if he was breathing. Suddenly bullets started flying through the house again. The last bullet was one inch away from killing my brother’s baby in my arms. I quickly wrapped the baby up in my jacket and put him in the couch because there was a hole in the couch to protect him. When the bullets died down again, I fed him a bottle and told him it was going to be okay. Twenty minutes later, I picked him back up, got on the floor, and started crawling up the stairs. I put him back in my brother’s arms. Everybody in my family then sat in a circle and started dropping tears. Then ten minutes later, my mom said, “Let’s pray.” We prayed and spoke to God and he spoke and said, “It will be okay. I love all of you guys.”

As I think about it today, I feel like I might die or get shot because 18 bullets flew through my house, or maybe one of my family members might get hurt, and bleed out and die. This just makes me feel scared, frightened, weird, and strange because I have never felt like this before.

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