Nine years ago, Sergio Huerta was killed by his aunt’s abusive felon of a boyfriend as he tried to defend her from him. As if the violent death of her son wasn’t enough to endure, Sandra Huerta was stunned to see the killer acquitted with the help of her blood relatives, then harassed and threatened by the same miserable bunch.

After working her way up from an impoverished childhood, Sandra and her husband did everything in their power to craft a healthy environment for their family. They set examples of honesty, diligence, and faith. They labored and sacrificed to provide a good home, and a safe neighborhood and schools for their children. The Huertas were dedicated and loving parents, yet despite their best efforts, the cycle of violence that plagues our society took their son, and initiated a torrent of suffering that no human being should have to endure.

In her first book, Tiers of Sorrow, Sandra Huerta conveys in striking tragic elegance exactly how it feels for a mother to suffer such catastrophic loss. For readers who have been blessed not to have personally experienced this horror, Tiers of Sorrow delivers a shock of empathy. For those unfortunate souls who have walked the same grim path, the truth that suffering shared is suffering eased will be revealed. For all readers, the human need for compassion and ability to give it is illustrated in genuine sadness, yet also in genuine hope.

As terrifying as it is to even glimpse into the chasm of pain that Sandra has navigated, her bravery is contagious. Suffering at her side is rewarded with the utmost in inspiration, as a devastated mother not only endures the slaying of her son, but through exquisite wordcraft manages to relate her experience of transforming utter offense to humanity into an inspiration to be human.

Tiers of Sorrow has the power to guide victims to become survivors, and perpetrators of violence to become agents of peace. The human capacity for love shall always be greater than our capacity for hate, as so profoundly demonstrated by this courageous and brilliant woman as a continuance of her son’s life.

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