An imperfect balance. 

This is what we must attain to truly love ourselves. We must find a balance between accepting our imperfections, and striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be, and we need to realize that no one is alike. We are not our friends, our neighbors, the impossibly skinny girls on TV or the body image that the media is projecting to us. We are ourselves, and we don’t need to be good enough for anyone. We only need to be good enough for ourselves.

But in today’s self-image projection, this is seemingly impossible. And we don’t even need to look hard to see it. It’s true– in a mental sense, society has killed our self-esteem. They have glorified skinny, vilified chubby and victimized the rest of us, sticking us in a constant obsessive loop of “Too skinny? Too fat? What’s the difference?”

So what can we do? We can work harder, together. We need to repair this body image gap, cure society’s “perfect body image” and heal the damaged victims of this whirlwind.

Participating in self-harm gets you attention, but it’s not the answer. Hurting yourself just makes your problems worse. Sometimes it feels like your entire life is spiraling out of control. Trust me, we know, but the thing the thing is, it gets better. There is always a silver lining in the dark cloud you’re living in. You just have to hold on.

Everyone says “no hate”. So stop fighting your troubles with hate. Fight them with soul. Fight them by being you, and show them that you’re stronger. When all hope seems to be lost, and you’re on your last straw, remember this: You are smart. You are beautiful. You are here for a reason, and you will keep on living till your dying day, because you are stronger then the negativity surrounding you. And you will prevail. Your life begins where your hate stops. And you can’t change the past, but you can move forward from there.

So if you’re hurting, join us in our attempt to repair the damaged souls. Join us, and complete the first step towards healing. Take the imperfect balance pledge, and join others trying to be positive, and live for themselves. Help us be stronger, by being YOU!


The Imperfect Balance Pledge:


1. To never change my body for anyone else. If I make a change, it’s for me not my peers.

2. To follow my dreams. Once in a while, I will evaluate myself, look deep within my heart and go for it. I know that I will always be the happiest and most satisfied with myself when I’m following my dreams.

3. To try to make the best nutritional choices for myself, but not make myself miserable with crazy diets. I will remember that it’s okay to slip up sometimes. I will not obsess about that extra scoop of ice cream, because sometimes it’s okay to have.

4. To keep in mind that everyone is different and beautiful in his or her own way. It’s okay if my body doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

5. To respect my body. I will not pollute it with drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

6. To listen carefully to my body and to give it what it needs. When I’m hungry, I will eat. When I’m tired, I will sleep.

7. To look in the mirror in my darkest hour, and dig deep within myself. I will remember everything that I love about my body, my personality and my life.

8. To not obsess over my previous choices, and what I have done in the past. What’s done is done, and while I can’t change my history, I can move forward from there, even better than before.

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