The Serve 2 Unite Mission:

In the wake of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting on August 5th, 2012, Serve 2 Unite emerged in a spirit of defiance. The hate behind the murders was met with an ongoing practice of fearless, creative, compassion. Rooted in the principles of service to others, and relentless optimism in the face of adversity, Serve 2 Unite today engages young people of all backgrounds to value humanity and the aspiration of living a genuine, honest life as a peacemaker.

“Not only did the projects we made help me understand real problems that are going on, but they were so much fun to create and see! You helped me realize that I can actually do something to help people and show more people that they can too. This experience really opened up my eyes and I believe has made me a better person.”

-Grace, 7th Grade, Fernwood Montessori

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Social media is rife with harmful content that encourages destructive behavior. Please like the S2U Facebook page, share it with your friends, and most importantly, share the wonderful content our students create to amplify their voices and promote a counter-narrative to hate and violence.

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Students craft their intentions into reality via the arts, with their projects published to share with the Earth in S2U Magazine.

S2U Student chapters from the inner city to the suburbs come together to help care for their communities and our planet.

Global mentors from around the world connect with S2U Students to share inspirational experience and courageous wisdom.

Interdependence and impermanence are studied and practiced with collaboration between all.

See the amazing work our Student Peacemakers create on the S2U YouTube Channel!


Personal Growth

47% of S2U Students demonstrated personal growth in areas of self- confidence, a desire to do a good job and finish projects, a “community” focus versus a “me” orientation, a more positive outlook, increased motivation in the classroom, a desire to eat healthy foods, take care of the environment, and stand up for what they know is right.


Behavioral Growth

50% of S2U students demonstrated behavioral growth in areas of a desire to do good things for their community, getting along better with others, showing pride in good work, better problem solving, persistence and resilience to failure, applying art skills, self-care, and doing their part to take care of the environment.


Social Growth

61% of S2U students demonstrated social growth in areas of improved teamwork, respect for authority figures, more favorable attitudes toward school and teachers, tolerance for personal differences, better ability to solve social problems through peaceful means, and doing things to help others.

* according to independent analysis by Reinders Research

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Because a white supremacist murdered 6 people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on August 5th, 2012, children of all ethnicities, from the inner city to the suburbs, are coming together to cherish each other as human beings and to assume the identity of peacemakers in their schools and communities. This is how we respond to hate and violence.

We know you value this important work, and we count on you to help us expand this amazing program. In peace, we Thank You.

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