About Us

The purpose of S2U School Chapters is to foster student leaders who build inclusive, compassionate, nonviolent climates in their schools and surrounding communities. We will do this by introducing students to global mentors who inspire them to create service-learning projects and share their work with the world through digital magazine entries that feature literary, visual, multimedia, and performance art.

Serve 2 Unite has a significant impact developing student leadership and building communities of respect and support. You will see:


Student Leadership

S2U Student Chapters empower students to lead successful projects and be peacemakers in their communities.

You will see student leaders who:

· identify projects that are relevant.

· engage others in their work and projects.

· work collaboratively in diverse groups.

· see projects to completion.

· are confident presenting to the public.

· serve as mentors.

· are successful in school (academics, graduation rates, attendance, etc.)

· see themselves as peacemakers and respond regularly with compassion.


Compassionate Communities

S2U Student Chapters foster communities that treat their physical and emotional environments with respect and compassion.

You will see inclusive, compassionate, nonviolent climates in schools and surrounding communities that are characterized by:

· physical behaviors that exhibit respect for self and others. (Students smiling, listening, laughing, eye contact, ask for help, greet visitors within school and in neighborhood, Incident reports decrease, etc.)

· a physical environment that is unique, well kept, clean, organized, visually appealing, inviting, comfortable, and cared for. (Students place litter in trash cans, etc.)

· an emotional environment where compassion, honesty, openness, and honor are valued. (i.e. LGBT students feel comfortable and included, as do all students)

· students exhibit maturity.

· students are accountable to self and others.

· Students, teachers, family, and neighbors exhibit respect and playfulness.

· students, families, teachers, and community members learn from one another.

· conscious entrepreneurship results in employment and prosperity.

· interdependence of all is studied and celebrated.


EDUCATORS: apply now to start a Serve 2 Unite Student Peacemaker chapter at your school

Serve 2 Unite is an initiative of Arts @ Large